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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Controlled Environmental Systems provide a complete turnkey Dry Room and Environmental Chamber System?
Yes, Chasewood Environmental Systems provides both factory trained and professionally managed turnkey projects on all installations: Dry Rooms and Environmental Chambers. Commencing with the project timeline and plant facilities layout, the installation process is thoroughly outlined to identify project benchmarks, milestones, critical paths and the time allocated to complete each phase of the project. Controlled Environmental Systems prepares detailed schedules to inform our clients when engineering and design, procurement, fabrication, shipment, installation, startup and training will occur. This way, the customer is guaranteed a single source responsibility.
How long has Controlled Environmental Systems been in the Low Humidity Dry Room and Environmental Chamber Business?
Controlled Environmental Systems has been in the Low Humidity Dry Room Business since 1976 with our first installation at the test facility at Rohr industries in Fairhope, Al. and our latest installation at the EPA facility in ADA, Ok.
Are you geographically restricted where you can install Dry Rooms and Environmental Chambers?
No. In fact, we have delivered and installed Dry Rooms and Environmental Chambers that are in operation all throughout the United States, China, Taiwan and Korea. Controlled Environmental Systems installations include a range from small startup companies and mid-sized companies to many Fortune 500 Companies like PPG Industries and the USDA facilities in Arizona and Hawaii.
What are your Dry Room Size or Environmental Chamber Size capabilities?
Dry Rooms and Environmental Chambers range in sizes from 100 sq. ft. pilot facilities to 10,000 sq. ft. production plants. All of our Dry Rooms and Environmental Chambers are customized to a variety of design configurations and dimensions in order that we may accommodate our customers who have restricted building requirements, but size is not necessarily a constraint for us. It's usually the customer that has limited space requirements and we try to maiximize their space with custom fabricated sizes.
What are some of the benefits of an Chasewood Environmental Systems Dry Room System or Environmental Chamber Systems?
With an CES Dry Room or Environmental Chamber, you receive a single source turnkey responsibility, guaranteed temperature and/or humidity performance, an accomplished and experienced engineering staff with a full range of engineering specialties including mechanical, structural, chemical, and electrical. Also, CES offers the latest in computerized drawings ACAD 2000, along with a full-service support by our trained team of in-house engineering and construction professionals.
Can you incorporate a Clean Room environment into a Dry Room?
Yes. We have installed many Dry Rooms that also have a Clean Room environment that include Clean Room classifications of 100,000, 10,000, and even 1,000 ppm.
What is your standard warranty?
CES's standard warranty on all Dry Rooms and Environmental Chambers include ten years on the modular wall panels, five years on the specified refrigeration components, two years on the dehumidification system, a one-year parts and labor warranty, along with having a factory-trained technician do a complete tune-up of the Dry Rooms three separate times over a two-year period. Additional warranties are also available.
What is the lowest capability of humidity level or dew point your Dry Room System can maintain?
Controlled Environmental Systems can provide our customers with Dry Rooms and Environmental Chambers that are able to maintain control levels at less than 1/2% Relative Humidity (standard is -60 ° dew point return temperature). A -70 ° dew point is very common in differing ambient environments.
Who will do the installation?
Controlled Environmental Systems will send our own experienced, factory trained personnel to do the complete installation. We insist that all of CES's technical personnel are thoroughly experienced and have a practical knowledge of complex, mechanical systems. Extensive, hands-on training with every conceivable system and component is standard procedure for each CES technician. In addition, our president, Robert Jones, will be on each dry room job site to supervise the quality of the installation before start-up can begin. All of this helps insure that every single Dry Room we construct is done right the first time, every time with minimal future down time.
Who will handle the service after the installation?
In addition to training your selected personnel on how to operate and do standard, normal maintenance on the Controlled Environmental System Dry Room, we will provide a factory-trained technician to do a tune-up of the Dry Room three separate times over a two-year period, after initial acceptance of the Dry Room by the customer. Additional maintenance service contracts are also available.
How safe are your Lithium Dry Rooms and Chambers?
At Controlled Environmental Systems we have a focus on safety. All motors are classified to each job application and all room panels and insulation are fire retardant to meet the Factory Mutual Test conformance.