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Clean Rooms

CES clean rooms are manufactured for prevention of product or process cross contamination in operations such as:

  • Disk Drive Assembly
  • Biological
  • Electronic Media Processing
  • Clean Product Packaging
  • Film Processing
  • Glass Processing
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Battery Manufacturing

Multiple finishes for interior/exterior. Continuous insulated panel lengths up to 15 ft. high, smooth finishes without embossing or rigidizing to reduce the chance of bacteria growth, removable gaskets for ease of applying sealant to seams, flush mounted view windows with aluminum frames.

Options: Epoxy or poured urethane floors, foamed in place conduits with flush mount electrical outlets, junction boxes, internal foamed-in-place structural members, wall cutouts, custom stainless steel windows, drop ceilings, control panels, cam straps in panels for additional strength, structural support systems for equipment or control rooms.