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Each one of the environmentally controlled rooms come in smaller cabinets for the labs that are limited in space: Reach In Cabinets and benchtop units. These reach in units also come in two distinctive styles: Test Cabinets and Storage Cabinets. Test Cabinets are environmentally controlled units, as the walk in rooms are, only smaller and controlled to customer specified temperature and humidity preferences from -68C to 150C and 20-95% RH, again as limited to the 10C lower temperature range. Storage Cabinets are refrigerators and freezers that are one tmeperature and/or humidity setpoint and used as product storage for pharmacies, chemicals, and other various products. These are usually stand alone upright units with one and two doors glass or solid. The Storage Cabinet refrigerator/freezers also come as explosion proof or material storage units. A typical classification is Class I Division II Groups A-D. Each cabinet is styled for a particular vendor’s need whether it is a stainless steel or powder coated Pharmaceutical Refrigerator/freezer, a Product Stability refrigerator/freezer or a Chemical Storage refrigerator/freezer.

Hazardous Storage units are unique in that there is a difference between a Flammable Storage unit or an Explosion Proof Unit. Flammable storage unit are only explosion proofed on the inside since a lot of customers only need the interior of the unit classified where the product is stored and not the outside. Sometimes the product is what needs to be separated into a clasified zone and not the refrigerator itself. In this instance the inside of the unit is classified and considered a Flammable Storage Unit. In other cases the inside and outside of the room or cabinet needs to be classified, as in the case of a chemical production plant. Even the condenser components need to be classified and in the case this is referred to as an Explosion Proof Unit, whether it is a reach in cabinet or a walk in chamber both can be classified to the level of explosion proof as the customer requires.